Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Quick and Healthy Diet

Peppy & Brompton Shopper
I don't usually pay attention to my weight unless I start to feel uncomfortable. Well, a week ago that day came. I've been super busy and not riding as much as I'd like over the past month, without changing my eating habits to accommodate. It was fine for a while, until one day I got on the bike and... well, let's just say I felt my tummy jiggle and fold in on itself as I pedaled. It was disconcerting. So I decided to go on a diet and get myself to a state of feeling comfortable again. The healthiest version of a crash diet I know is a low-carb, high fiber, high nutrition diet. It works extremely well, because in addition to making you eat healthier it also acts as an appetite suppressor. Here are the rules for anyone interested:

Things to cut out completely: 
alcohol, sweets, junk food, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, soda, most juices

Things to eat: 
vegetables, lentils, nuts, eggs, milk, fish and meat (or tofu and quorn), high-fiber oatmeal, apples, berries, cheese, butter, unsweetened carrot and cranberry juice

How much to eat: 
For a woman my size not engaged in strenuous exercise, around 1,200 calories a day will work. But this is ballpark; adjust for size/gender/exercise level. Go heavy on the vegetables, light on the fatty stuff, and medium on the protein.

How long will it take? 
I see results in 1-2 weeks when I follow this strictly.

Sample Day's Menu:
     oatmeal with butter and blueberries
     steamed spinach with sesame seeds and sliced almonds
     grilled salmon and asparagus, lentil soup
     apple, nuts, broccoli florets, baby carrots, coffee and tea with milk

So... I have been doing this for 5 days now. It was difficult on the first two days, then it got much easier. The fiber, the reduced carbohydrates, and the elimination of alcohol are the key here. I already feel a difference and in another week my body should be back to normal. Then I will have a good look at my schedule and try to get more riding in, so that I can eat whatever I want again (kidding, I will try to generally eat healthy from now on is what I meant to say)...

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